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Exclusive Agent in Iran



IKS International is a worldwide total solution provider for the IVF market

Manufacturing a full range of IVF equipment, including Incubators , real-time monitoring, calibration and consultancy

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United States (USA)

LWScientific is an USA company which is manufacture laboratory equipment with best quality and good price

All range of microscopes, Centrifuges ,...

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United Kingdom (England)

Serum free and ready to use in vitro production (IVP) media for animal reproduction

Newly developed media for every step of your procedure from ovum pick up to embryo transfer, through maturation, fertilisation, culture and biopsy.

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IGENOMIX is a company that provides advanced services in reproductive genetics

Increase pregnancy success and deliver healthy babies through high quality testing

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Manufacturer of ISAS (Integrated Sperm Analysis System)

composed by CASA (Computer Assisted Semen Analysis) systems

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Czeck Republic

Manufacturer of denudation pipettes 

Denudation Pipettes, Manipulation Pipettes , Blastocyst Pipettes

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